Blockchain Experience

I work as Blockchain software architect for M2S which is a global provider of Blockchain based business software and solutions that helps companies build decentralized applications. I am responsible for providing technical advice and consultancy to clients, and management on matters of architecture infrastructure developments, including architecting, designing developing solutions, team management, conducting training pro-grams, supporting customer.
My mission is to ensure the successful Design and developing secure, scalable, private or public Blockchain and to think differently yet strategically about how Blockchain solution can be adopted and implemented. I am also engaged, to identify emerging trends in decentralized technology, automation, operations and security and help align to business needs.

Achievement :
-Lead design and implementation of a ventures platform based on Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts: including analyzing business requirements, developing technical specifications, planning, coding, testing implementation, and QA. Tools:
-Drove major and significant stability and performance improvements (+20 percent) in a high-priority Blockchain based project for financial firm. The plans for enhancement include Enhancing the security, reducing the mining effort (mining time and block size) and switching from POC to POS. (Freelance Project)
-Managed all aspects of a hardfork in a private Blockchain due to a security issue.
-Assuring Successful scaling process of a Blockchain’s project using sidechain and off-chain techniques.
-Implemented and created the full life cycle process for large-scale Ripple based software, development.
-Architecting and building an IOT Access control framework based on Bitcoin Blockchain. Tools:
-Build and maintain high-performance distributed Streaming systems.
-Developing and running custom Linux kernel modules for ASIC/FPGA Bitcoin miner.